City Hall Renovations

Kansas City, MO

We were commissioned by the City of Kansas City, Missouri, originally in 1999, to develop design and construction drawings for various renovations to the historic Art Deco style 30-story tall City Hall.  Since then, the contract has been extended many times to include the complete renovation of several whole floors, with the scope of work for each floor involving gutting a substantial portion of the tenant space; renovation of mechanical systems; new lighting; installation of a new fire sprinkler system; new ceilings; new interior wall construction (for offices); restoration of hardware; refurbishment of existing stained wood doors and trim; and new interior finishes. 

The design for the remodeling projects needed to set a standard for future City Hall, so we worked closely with the City to develop a design that created a work environment that would go beyond typical office interiors while at the same time be cost effective to construct.  Meeting with staff from the various departments involved, we were able to develop space plan options to satisfy everyone’s needs.

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